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Cost Performance Of Microwave Sterilization Drying Equipment And Other Dry Sterilization Equipment

Mar 17, 2017

Cost performance of Microwave sterilization drying equipment and other dry sterilization equipment

1. The microwave sterilization drying equipment heating speed

Conventional heating, such as flame, hot air, heating, steam, etc., is using the principle of heat transfer heat from the heated objects outside into the inside, gradually make material center temperature, called external heating.

To attain the required temperature center, need a certain amount of time, the time needed for the poor thermal conductivity of material is longer.

Microwave sterilization drying is the heating material as heating element, the province is called internal heating mode, do not need to heat transfer process, inside and outside the heating at the same time, so in more time to achieve the effect of heating.

2. The microwave drying equipment uniform heating

Conventional heating, to improve the heating speed, requires higher heating temperature, easy to produce coke endogenous phenomenon.

Microwave heating, the object can usually even penetration of electromagnetic wave, the parts to generate heat, so the uniformity is greatly improved.

3. The microwave energy efficient equipment

In microwave heating, microwave energy can only be heated objects attract and heating, heating chamber wall and heated indoor air and the corresponding container will not heat, so heat effect is extremely high, produce environment has improved significantly.

4. Microwave equipment is easy to control

Microwave heating the thermal inertia of small, if with microcomputer control, are particularly suitable for automatic control of heating process and heating process.

Microwave powder industry application

The product description

Microwave chemical powder drying machine is according to the special requirements of powder industry, carries on the unique design of high-efficiency powder microwave drying equipment.

My company design and manufacture of microwave powder drying equipment update after years of technology, the comprehensive adoption of advanced design concept, with sophisticated processing means, to prevent wrong operation and mechanical failure, in the front-rear mouth, window, door key parts such as adding the leakage protection device, control is much better than the national standard, and has several national patents.

Especially suitable for the final low moisture content of material is dry, free water and bound water, can be dry in several to more than ten minutes.

Main principle: using microwave high-frequency electromagnetic wave, make the polar molecules produces oscillation, each other between molecular friction heat itself fever heating dry, suitable for the bad production environment (high dust, high corrosion), material is heated evenly.

Technical advantages

Compared with the conventional drying equipment, powder of microwave drying equipment has the following advantages:

• penetrating heating, heating speed, uniform heating.

Selective heating, energy saving efficiency.

• no thermal inertia.

PLC control, easy to operate.

Per unit time, high yield of qualified, input and output than the big.

• safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, clean health.

• dry dust losses small.

Anticorrosion continuous tunnel design, effectively prevent the corrosion products of steam.

, the humidity sensor, can dry by controlling the appropriate moisture control.

Equipment is introduced

1 microwave drying equipment, silicon carbide powder equipment using JZFZ equipment for ultrafine grinding classification of micron grade silicon carbide powder, is mainly composed of 1200 # and 1500 #, adopts single pipe power 915 MHZ microwave energy, compared with more than 2450 MHZ tube equipment, microwave energy penetration 3 times, simpler maintenance and improve the conversion efficiency (> 80%, multi-tube conversion efficiency is about 80%), lower cost, etc., in addition to 915 MHZ for industrial application frequency, 2450 MHZ for commercial grade.

2,  materials microwave drying equipment (battery powder materials)

Ternary material is nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium Li (NiCoMn) O2, ternary composite cathode material precursor products, is the cobalt nickel salt, salt, manganese salt as raw materials, in the proportion of nickel cobalt manganese can according to the actual need to adjust.

Our company developed equipment used in batteries ternary material drying, dry, dry efficiency is superior to conventional methods, no dust pollution, video monitoring equipment production process, the drying temperature automatic adjustment control, is suitable for industrialized production requirements.

This equipment is also suitable for 3 yuan, cobalt acid lithium battery materials, lithium iron phosphate, nickel hydroxide, graphite, lithium carbonate, rubber accelerator, calcium carbonate, zirconium silicate, manganese ore, mannitol, silicon carbide and other materials drying, has started large-scale use.

3, rubber accelerator microwave drying equipment

This is my company professional for domestic rubber additives manufacturers custom a energy-efficient drying equipment.

By microwave drying equipment, high efficiency, easy operation, all the production of stainless steel plate can be used in dry rubber additives, corrosion resistance is strong, can be used in the large majority of dry powder chemical products, can also be used for other chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials industries such as dry powder, granule materials.

Have with the series of products are: dry starch, glucose, fish meal, sugar, sugar, wine trough, feed, gluten, plastic resin, coal powder, dye, etc.

Microwave drying can also be used as rubber fertilizer additives for rubber dryers, methaqualone dedicated dryer, calcium phosphate special dryers.

Microwave plasma applications


The low temperature plasma (temperature is 2000 ~ 50000 k) has been widely used, the industry has become an important means of technology, such as using plasma arc cutting, welding, spraying;

Manufacture all kinds of new light source and display;

Thermoelectric conversion directly MHD power generation, etc.

In the chemical engineering department, plasma chemistry has become a new field of very active.

In the microelectronics industry, plasma etching and deposition was widely applied.

Above situation shows that low temperature plasma has gradually penetrated into many areas, shows a broad prospect.

the excitation with microwave plasma has the following advantages:

1. A higher degree of ionization and decomposition

2. The electron temperature and ion temperature on the ratio of the gas temperature is very high, in the carrier gas to keep the right temperature.

This feature, in the case of vapor deposition, can make the temperature of the substrate will not too high.

3. Can maintain plasma under high pressure.

4. No internal electrode in plasma container, no any matter beyond the working gas, are clean, no pollution.

Plasma generator can keep long life.

5. Plasma can adopt the method of magnetic confinement, the constraint within the space in, microwave and magnetic circuit can be compatible.

6. High safety factor.

High voltage source and plasma generator isolation from each other, this is a dc plasma cannot achieve.

Microwave leakage is small, easy to achieve the radiation safety standards.

It is difficult to achieve high frequency induction plasma.

7. The microwave generator is stable, easy to control.

8. Microwave plasma, in many cases is a relatively quiet plasma, unlike dc discharge with high noise level.

Microwave excitation plasma a variety of forms:

1. The microwave transmission line and the cavity.

2. The edge field slow wave structure.

3. The near-field microwave antenna.

4. Stimulate plasma column and waveguide coaxial base surface wave base surface wave plasma column.

5. Using electron cyclotron resonance plasma.