WY30S Microwave Energy Generator High Power Microwave Generator 30KW

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First of all, the microwave power source of high reliability, long life, should be in the first place.Chemical equipment operation is non-stop work, failure will cause immeasurable loss.The reliability of the whole equipment is equally important.Only realizing the high reliability of microwave equipment, microwave chemical industrialization is conditional.Second, the development of high power source (single tube or pipe combination), the development of high power waveguide components and preparation (grade is estimated to have a 10 kw, 20 kw components used in 50 kw, 100 kw will appear many disadvantages) and the band microwave chemistry application preparation of standard parts, such as sealing Windows) are needed.Power source such as basic thing is to prepare ahead of time.Scale in the future application of the design to have a reliable basis.

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