WY10S Microwave Energy Generator Frequency Generator 10KW

Product Details

Product technical parameters

1. The input power supply: 3 phase 380 v + 10% for 50 hz; Ambient temperature: 0 to 35 ℃ or less; Relative humidity: 85% or less. Working area: no inflammable, explosive, corrosive gas, less dust;

2. The microwave frequency: 2450 MHZ;

3. The microwave power: 0 ~ 10 kw continuous adjustable;

4. Magnetron for single tube;

5. Microwave generator size: 810 mm600mm1650mm (dimensions);

6. Control methods: manual and automatic (optional);

7. Magnetron cooling: air cooling + water;

8. Electricity monitoring;

9. Perfect protection system;

10. Microwave reveal that meet the national standards.


The main function

The device can occur for 10 kw power microwave energy. The perfect protection system, a wide range of power regulation, high conversion efficiency.


The main features

1. The microwave power;

2. The output microwave energy, adjustable;

3. Can work non-stop for a long time.

4. Automatic control.

5. High reliability.

6. High work efficiency.


The purpose and scope of applicationCan be widely used in industrial microwave high power equipment, mature technology, reliable product quality, has formed a standardized product.

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