Microwave Equipment Inverter 1600A

Microwave Equipment Inverter 1600A
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Microwave equipment Inverter 1600A

Microwave energy is usually by direct current (dc) or 50 hz alternating current (ac) by a special device to obtain.Can produce microwave devices have many kinds, but the main is divided into two categories: semiconductor devices and electronic vacuum devices.For vacuum electronic devices is the use of electronic movement to complete power conversion device in a vacuum, or tube.For generating high power microwave energy in electric vacuum components magnetron, multi-cavity klystron, microwave three, tetrode, traveling wave tube, etc.Especially in the field of microwave heating is mainly used in the industrial application of magnetron and klystron.

Input voltage range

180Vac to 264Vac

Normal voltage range

200Vac to 240Vac

Frequency range


Max input ac current

10A max.at full load condition

Leakage Current

Less Than 0.5mA

@240Vac input

Regulation input power range


Max.endure input voltage


Rated Output Anode HV


Rated Anode Output Current


Rated Filament Voltage


Rated Filament Current


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