Microwave Extraction Equipment

Product Details

Product technical parameters

1. The input power: single-phase 220 v ±10%, 50 hz to plus or minus 1% or three-phase 380 v ± 10%, 50 hz + / - 1%;

2. Using the environment: the temperature of 0 ~ 40 ℃, humidity is 80% or less, the surrounding no corrosive and explosive gases;

3. The microwave power: 0 ~ 8 kw continuous adjustable;

4. The microwave frequency: 2450 MHZ;

5. Equipment size: 1300 mm1200mm2300mm;

6. Forms: conveying pipeline;

7. The microwave cavity material: 304 stainless steel or aluminum alloy coating process;

8. Equipment overlying material: 304 stainless steel or carbon steel pensu processing.

9. The time for regular functions: 0 ~ 99 hours, digital display and preset;

10. The temperature measurement, temperature control: 0 ℃ ~ 200 ℃;

11. A flow display and control;

12. The control mode: PLC + touch screen program control;

13. Microwave leak: meet the national standards.


The main function

Compared with the traditional extraction method, microwave extraction process (MAE) technology can reduce the production time, energy and solvent consumption and waste generation, at the same time can improve the yield and purity of extracted.Its superiority is not only reduce the operation cost, but also accord with environmental protection requirements, is a new technology has a broad development prospect, can according to user requirements for special requirements.


The main features

1. The reagent consumption, energy saving, pollution is small;

2. The uniform heating, high thermal efficiency;

3. No thermal inertia, easy to control;

4. Without pretreatment, process simplification;

5. Good selectivity;

6. Handle batch is big, high extraction efficiency;

7. Extraction result is not affected by material moisture content, high recovery   rate.


The purpose and scope of application

The equipment is used for the extraction of materials.Used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry material extraction, the applicable scope is very broad.

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