Microwave Drying Equipment

Product Details

Product technical parameters

1. Microwave frequency: 2450 MHZ, microwave power, 20 kw;

2. The microwave cavity material: stainless steel;

3. The cavity scaffold material: stainless steel;

4. Microwave equipment size: roughly 10 m 1 m, 1.8 m (dimensions);

5. The control mode: PLC + touch screen automatic control;

6. Cooling: air cooling/water;

7. Microwave leak accord with national standard < 1 mw/cm2.(national standard < 5 mw/cm2)


The main function

Rely on hundreds of millions of times per second periodic changes in the rate of microwave transmission within the material, and material of the interaction between polar molecules, polarity of material (such as water molecules) after absorbing microwave, change its molecular structure is also at the same rate as the electric field polarity movement, causing frequent collision and produce a lot of friction heat, which makes the material in each part of the heat generated at the same instant of time and temperature, producing thermalization, puffing and moisture evaporation, achieve the goal of dry heat sterilization.


The main features

1. The drying (drying), fast sterilization;

2. Drying (drying) uniformity good sterilizing thoroughly;

3. Simple and convenient handling;

4. Low failure rate, durable;

5. Low temperature sterilization keep material primary nutrients and flavor;


The purpose and scope of application

The equipment is used for food, medicinal materials, chemical products such as drying, sterilization, suitable for powder, granule, flake material, light material, such as drying, such as cardboard, wood, food, medicines, herbs agricultural and sideline products, such as mineral raw materials.

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