Microwave Biomass Pyrolysis Apparatus

Product Details

System composition: The equipment consists of 20 sets of 20 kw of microwave energy generator and microwave cavity, the microwave total power of 400 kw.


USES: Microwave pyrolysis equipment is using microwave technology bamboo bamboo charcoal to manufacture.The bamboo charcoal is mainly used for air purification, health care, fuel, food and water, etc.


1. Manufacture of microwave compared with the traditional way of producing bamboo charcoal, bamboo charcoal has the advantages of large quantity, the traditional kiln furnace in production of more than 300 kilograms, a microwave pyrolysis furnace furnace can be up to 6-7 tons.

2. Microwave heating penetrate the object from all directions, the heated object itself become a heating element, do not need to heat transfer process.Quickly increase temperature more uniform heating, and can realize the gradient of temperature control, so as to effectively control the generation of the pyrolysis products type and production, greatly shorten the heating time, compared with the conventional heating mode efficiency more than 70%, so the thermal efficiency is very high.

3. The microwave manufacturing compared with the traditional way of producing bamboo charcoal, bamboo charcoal carbonization time than traditional kiln greatly shorten, the traditional craft to more than 70 hours, microwave technology only 4 hours, therefore can meet the requirement of large-scale industrial production.

4. Preparing process of bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar liquid, bamboo tar, combustible gas easy collection, collection rate is high.

5. Microwave micro manufacturing bamboo charcoal can reduce Labour strength, less production personnel;It can realize automatic continuous production, etc.

6. In addition, using microwave for making charcoal, still can reduce the traditional kiln in the process of producing bamboo charcoal for fuel wood demand, is advantageous to the forestry resources conservation and the protection of the ecological environment.

7. To realize recycling economy.

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