Water Load 2450 Mhz and Water Load 915 Mhz

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Water load

A waveguide load is used to absorb microwave energy from the microwave system. It is often used as a test load for generators and as the terminating load in an isolator.

Microwave dielectric materials are instantaneous heating temperature, heating up fast.On the other hand, the microwave output power can be adjusted at any time, without inert medium temperature can be changed, there is no "waste heat" phenomenon, very beneficial to the needs of the automatic control and continuous production.Microwave wavelength is very short, than the general object on the earth buildings (such as aircraft, ship, automobile, etc.) relative to a much smaller size, or in the same order of magnitude.Has the characteristics of microwave and geometrical optics are similar, the so-called optical.So using microwave work, can make the circuit element size decreased;Make the system more compact;Can be made into small volume, narrow beam directivity is very strong, a high gain antenna system, from the ground or space objects reflected a weak signal, so as to determine the object location and distance, analyzing the characteristic of the target.Wireless devices due to microwave wavelength and object (the lab) size in the same order of magnitude, the microwave and the characteristics of similar to sound waves, the so-called sound like sex.Such as microwave waveguide is similar to the mouthpiece acoustics;Acoustic horn, horn antenna and the slot antenna is similar with shaw and flute;Microwave resonator is similar to the acoustic resonance cavity

Material's capacity to absorb microwave, mainly determined by the dielectric loss factor.Dielectric loss factor of material to the microwave absorption ability is strong, on the contrary, small material's capacity to absorb microwave dielectric loss factor is also weak.The differences due to the loss factor of each material, microwave heating showed the characteristics of selective heating.Different material, the thermal effect is also different.A molecule of water is a polar molecule, dielectric constant is bigger, the dielectric loss factor is big, has strong absorption ability for microwave.And the dielectric constant of such as proteins, carbohydrates are relatively small, its absorption ability of microwave is much smaller than water.Therefore, for food, how much water content had a great influence on microwave heating effect.

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