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Magnetron Classification And Application

Magnetron, according to the working state can be divided into pulse magnetron and continuous wave magnetron; according to the structural characteristics can be divided into ordinary magnetron, coaxial magnetron and anti-

Axis magnetron; adjustable by frequency or not, can be divided into fixed frequency magnetron and frequency adjustable magnetron. Frequency adjustable magnetron can be divided into mechanical tuning magnetron and frequency agile magnetron. There is also a class of voltage tuned magnetrons that achieve frequency tuning by changing the anode voltage.

The working pulse width of the pulsed magnetron can vary from 0.004 to 60 microseconds, operating in the range of 250 MHz to 120 GHz, with pulse power ranging from tens of watts to tens of megawatts, up to 70% Life of up to tens of thousands of hours. Pulse magnetron is widely used in guidance, fire control, high altitude, airborne, shipborne, weather and other radar.

Continuous wave magnetron for electronic countermeasures, industrial heating and microwave therapy. Power in the 400 ~ 1000 watts between the low-cost continuous-wave magnetron is also widely used in household microwave stove. In order not to interfere with the normal operation of radar and communication equipment, medical, industrial heating and cooking magnetron operating frequency is usually 915 ± 25 MHz and 2450 ± 50 MHz.

Frequency adjustable magnetron, especially the frequency agile magnetron can improve the radar anti-jamming capability.