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Magnetron Anode Resonance System

Mar 17, 2017

The anode resonant system consists of a set of closed resonators arranged along the circumference. Magnetron as a oscillator need to have a certain energy storage,

To maintain the microwave oscillation, which requires an anode resonant system has a higher quality factor. At the same time, in the magnetron, the oscillation of the energy and need to output through the output device can be used. Therefore, the design of the energy coupling element on the anode resonant system is very important. It is necessary to be coupled with a certain energy to ensure the use of, but also to make the anode resonant system has a high quality factor, to maintain a high enough energy storage, to maintain the stability of magnetron work. The magnetron operates at the π mode. In order to ensure the stability of the π mode, the adjacent mode and the π mode should be well patterned. Therefore, an anode resonant system with a diaphragm belt or a sunrise cavity is often used. Figure 3 for the commonly used magnetron anode resonant system structure.