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Magnetic Circuit System

Mar 17, 2017

Magnetron normal work requires a strong constant magnetic field, the magnetic field induction strength is generally thousands of gaussian. The higher the operating frequency, the stronger the applied magnetic field.

The magnetic circuit system of the magnetron is the device that produces a constant magnetic field. Magnetic circuit system sub-permanent magnet and electromagnetic two categories. Permanent magnet system is generally used for low-power tube, magnet and die firmly into one constitute the so-called packaging. High-power tube with a variety of magnetic field to produce magnetic field, the use of die and electromagnet, the die has upper and lower pole pieces to the fixed magnetic gap distance. Magnetron work, you can easily change the size of the magnetic field strength, to adjust the output power and operating frequency. In addition, the anode current can also be fed into the magnet wire package to improve the stability of the pipe work.