CK-2152 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron the Magnetron 100KW

CK-2152 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron the Magnetron 100KW
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Ck-2152 continuous wave cavity magnetron 5KW

Anode is one of the main composition of magnetron, which together with cathode electron interaction with high frequency electromagnetic field space.In a constant magnetic field and under the action of a constant electric field, electrons in the space to complete the task of energy conversion.Magnetron anode in addition with the ordinary diode as collecting electronic anode, also on the oscillation frequency of high frequency electromagnetic field plays a decisive role.

By good conductive metal anode materials (such as oxygen free copper), and is equipped with multiple cavity, the cavity must be an even number, the number of the working frequency of the pipe to Gao Qiang number more and more.Anode resonator model is often hole trough, the fan and fan type trough, the anode in each small cavity is equivalent to a parallel 2 c oscillation circuit.Slot fan cavity, for example, can form oscillation think cavity groove part of the main loop of the capacitance, and fan part of its main components oscillating circuit inductance.By microwave technology theory, the resonance frequency of the resonator is inversely proportional to the geometry size of cavity.The greater the cavity its working frequency is lower.So, we can according to the size of the cavity to estimate its working frequency band.Magnetron anode is made up of many cavity coupled together, forming a complex resonant system.The system of the main determinants in each small cavity resonator frequency of the resonant frequency, we can also according to the size of the small cavity to estimate the frequency of the magnetron.



Frequency range (f)


Filament voltage when preheating


Filament current when preheating


Filament current when working


Anodic voltage


Anodic current


Output power




Cooling mode

water cooling

Energy transport mode

BJ—9 waveguide output



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