CK619 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron Magnetron Generator 10KW

CK619 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron Magnetron Generator 10KW
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CK619 continuous wave cavity magnetron magnetron generator 10KW



Frequency range (f)


Filament voltage when preheating


Filament current when preheating


Filament current when working


Anodic voltage


Anodic current


Output power




Cooling mode

water cooling

Energy transport mode

BJ—22 waveguide output



The energy output device Energy output is generated in the interaction space of microwave energy to the load to the device. The energy output device (no loss, no breakdown by microwave, ensure pipe vacuum seal, and must be connected to external systems. Coaxial output USES mostly small power continuous wave magnetron anode resonator in the high frequency magnetic field is the strongest. Place a coupling ring, when across the ring to the flux change, will produce high-frequency induced current in the ring, and the high frequency power to the outside of the ring. The stronger the coupling ring area, the greater the coupling. Commonly used high power continuous wave magnetron axial energy output, output antenna through the pole shoe hole connected to the anode on the wing. An antenna into strips or round rods can also be used for the cone. The antenna was output window seal. Output window commonly used low loss characteristics of glass or ceramics. It need not to ensure lossless microwave energy through and has good vacuum tightness. High power tube output window forced air cooling is commonly used to reduce due to the heat generated by the dielectric loss.

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