CK-2131 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron Magnetron Parts 3KW

CK-2131 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron Magnetron Parts 3KW
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CK-2131 continuous wave cavity magnetron magnetron parts 3KW

Magnetron cathode electron emitter, and a component interaction space.The performance of the cathode has enormous influence on the properties of pipe work and life, is regarded as the heart of the whole pipe.A lot of more phyletic, the performance of cathode.Is commonly used in continuous wave magnetron directly heated cathode, it is composed of tungsten filament or pure tungsten filament winding into spiral shape, electric heat flow to specified temperature and then have the ability to launch electronic.The cathode with short heating time and the advantages of electron impact resistance is strong, widely used in the continuous wave magnetron.The cathode heating current is big, requires short and thick, cathode lead connection part to good contacts.High power tube cathode lead work when the temperature is very high, often forced air cooling heat dissipation.Magnetron cathode by negative pressure at work, therefore lead part should have good insulation performance and can meet the requirements of the vacuum seal.To prevent overheat the anode by electronic back to boom, magnetron after working stability should be in accordance with the provisions, reduce the cathode current to prolong service life.



Frequency range (f)


Filament voltage when preheating


Filament current when preheating


Filament current when working


Anodic voltage


Anodic current


Output power




Cooling mode

water cooling

Energy transport mode

BJ—26 waveguide output



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