CK-2121 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron Advantages of Microwaves 2KW

CK-2121 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron Advantages of Microwaves 2KW
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Ck-2121 continuous wave cavity magnetron 5KW



Frequency range (f)


Filament voltage when preheating


Filament current when preheating


Filament current when working


Anodic voltage


Anodic current


Output power




Cooling mode

water cooling

Energy transport mode

BJ—26 waveguide output



Magnetron anode resonance system besides the electromagnetic oscillation can produce need, also can produce different characteristics of various electromagnetic oscillation.For the magnetron stable job on the required pattern, commonly used "type isolation belt" to isolate the interference pattern. Every type with the anode foil an interval of a connected, in order to increase working mode and the frequency interval between adjacent interference pattern.In addition, due to the energy exchange of electronic also has a certain energy, these electrons on anode plate temperature, the more electronic anode collect (that is, the greater the current), or electronic energy (energy conversion rate is lower, the greater the anode temperature is higher, therefore, the anode needs to have good capability of heat dissipation. Usually power tube using forced air cooling, anode with heat sink. High power tube is multi-purpose water cooling, cooling jacket on anode

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