CK-2091 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron Magnetron Part for Microwave 15KW

CK-2091 Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron Magnetron Part for Microwave 15KW
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CK-2091 continuous wave cavity magnetron  magnetron part for microwave 15KW



Frequency range (f)


Filament voltage when preheating


Filament current when preheating


Filament current when working


Anodic voltage


Anodic current


Output power




Cooling mode

water cooling

Energy transport mode

BJ—22 waveguide output



Now commonly used in the microwave heating equipment magnetron on incentive cavity excitation transmission system directly.Incentive cavity is energy excitation equipment, but also a part of the transmission system.So the performance of the cavity on the magnetron has enormous influence on the work.Should motivate cavity will be generated inside the microwave energy effectively transferred to the load.To this end, in addition to the design of incentive cavity itself, the bore of the pipe in motivating assembly is a strong impact on the stability of the work.Work properly when the anode contact with incentive cavity part of the pipe has a lot to the high frequency current through, must have a good contact between the two, poor contact will cause high frequency spark.The depth of the antenna into incentive cavity directly affect the transmission of energy and the working state of the tube, should be stipulated in the instruction manual carefully assembled.

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