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Nanjing SanLe Microwave Technology Development Co., Ltd., is a pioneer of domestic microwave tube development and microwave energy technology application. It led in developing industrial heating magnetrons and forming a series of products in 1973 and has developed more than 100 types of various microwave energy application equipment.


Over the years, it has obtained more than 50 first, second and third prizes of the State, Ministry, province and city-level scientific and technological achievements. It is the birthplace of China’s industrial microwave application technology and a state designated microwave energy promotion and application station. It developed the first domestic microwave magnetron, the first set of microwave energy application machine and the first domestic microwave oven.


In recent years, the company has been actively carrying out the development and production of microwave energy saving equipment and has made some breakthroughs according to the national energy and environmental protection industry development plan. The technology is mature and has industrialization conditions.

The company has owned many core advantages in the microwave energy application technology and mastered the completely independent intellectual property rights of the high-power continuous wave magnetron, high-power microwave generator, applicable cavity simulation design, microwave anti-leakage, system integration and other technologies. It is the only domestic company, which developes and industrializes 915MHz and 2450MHz frequency band high-power continuous wave magnetrons and microwave generators. The 915MHz and 2450MHz single magnetron and single microwave generator have reached the largest domestic power and have realized scale production.

High-power microwave synthesis equipment has been successfully applied in many fields, especially in the fields of energy conservation and environmental protection, it takes the leading position in the same industry.

Through decades of efforts, the 915MHz single magnetron power and single microwave source power have reached 75kW and the large-scale production has been achieved. Currently, the company is developing the 125kW magnetron and microwave power supply.

Sanle has formed multiple core advantage of microwave power application technology, master high power continuous wave magnetron and microwave generator , application of cavity simulation design , microwave imitation leak , system integration with proprietary intellectual property right . The Company is the only enterprise which can develop and manufacture high-power continuous wave magnetron and microwave generator in the frequency band of 915MHz and 2450MHz and realize industrial application in China at present.

The built-up area of magnetron  is 3600 square meter , we have somen advanced production equipment ,include electric welding machine argon welder. Ultrasonic heating clean machine dibit vertical type hydrogen furnace, high power burn-in power supply and some test ,burn-in , venting equipment

The company has developed standardized products in the respect of single set of microwave source of 915MHz and 2450 MHz ,especially as the only domestic enterprise which has realized industrizlized application of high power microwave source

Management and operating specification of Sanle Microwave ; in actual operation, Sanle Microwave acts as top-level design and system integration, and cooperates with first-class enterprise of domestic related industry and colleges; reasonably use resources, elaborately creates domestic first and international first-class microwave environmental equipment enterprises

According to the low material moisture content in the process of microwave drying cases jumps, microwave reflection efficiency is low,Our company has successfully developed by adaptive active power control system(English name :Adaptive  automatic  tuning system),The popularization and application of this technology to maximize efficiency of microwave effects,For application of microwave energy in lignite drying provides more economic security。

Sanle Microwave has obvious advantages in all respects of the following technologies, such as high-power magnetron, microwave generator, microwave effect cavity analog simulation, microwave feed aperture, microwave inhibition leak proof, system integration and application process.

At present, the company is carrying out experimental researches for microwave coal carbonization , microwave activated carbon regeneration, metal smelting, microwave chemical and other projects, which shows good feasibility of these projects.

In addition to develop and produce high power supply, our company is also responsible for building system integrated control of corresponding projects. We have participated in building pilot line of microwave coal drying upgrading comprising 40 sets of power supply with 75KW, and clay ore smelting project with comprising 50 sets of power supply with 75KW, etc.

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The advantage of SanLe microwave:

can provide the user cost continuous wave magnetron, greatly reduce the userUse cost;

In the aspect of continuous magnetron and microwave generator with independent intellectual property rights;With microwave application and simulation technology, such as large projects to help usersThe design and application of microwave problems;Can according to customer demand research and development production of specific frequency and parameters of magnetron and microwave power.

In order to speed up the company's overall strength rise, the increase in traffic as well as the technical service quality put forward higher requirements.Aimed at improving the efficiency of microwave system design, the company invested more than 500 ten thousand yuan, with a new concept of cloud data multipoint service station, the introduction of international advanced Comsoll, Protel, Creo Parameteic, Matlab, Fluent simulation system, set up simulation center of the country's largest industrial microwave applications.The introduction of the simulation design center, will further improve the design level of the company as a whole, in the future when the large project contracting for data acquisition, modeling, solution preparation to provide important technical support, at the same time of accurate verification of the project feasibility, for customers to save money and time, make the company's research and development, design capabilities, equipment reliability, adaptability to a new level In 2013,  a pilot line of 150000 tons  was built in Hulun Buir, containing 40 sets of power supply with 75kw; carry out running test, process exploration and optimization of equipment ; at present, process route and technology and process of system running are definited to solidify; preparatory works related to this technology applied to coal chemical industry for coal drying  and other direction are carrying out.

To improve rate of multipurpose utilization of coal, carry out deep processing of coal, and improve added economic value, the company has carried out laboratory test for carbonization of microwave lignite and long flame coal  and verify its feasibility. At present, the company actively cooperates with Shenhua Group,  Huadian Corporation and others to extend industrial chain of microwave coal technolog Microwave bamboo charcoal project cooperated with Langshen Company has been completed in Yunnan Province; this equipment consists of 20 sets of microwave generator with 20KW and a set of microwave cavity, which can treat 8400 tons of bamboos. The bamboos can be cracked into bamboo charcoal, liquid bamboo tar and bamboo vinegar and inflammable gas; the above products all can make a very good economic benefits; at present, the company is designing biomass processing equipment exported to America, which can be delivered for use within this year Resolving of hydrogen fluoride is to heat ammonium fluoride and concentrated sulfuric acid through microwave to speed up production of hydrogen fluoride, meanwhile, reduce corrosion of raw materials to equipment. Project of hydrogen fluoride resolving cooperated with Guiyang City is the first application of microwave technique in hydrogen fluoride production. now, both sides have developed a set of equipment including 7 sets of microwave generator with 75KW; we have obtained approving result in test run; the second industrial equipment including 14 sets of microwave generator with 75KW will be launched.

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